(Alexithymia is a subclinical phenomenon involving a lack of emotional awareness or, more specifically, difficulty in identifying and describing feelings and in distinguishing feelings from the bodily sensations of emotional arousal)

The performance examines isolation, both institutional and sensory, which is centred by the body and its strength, utility, obedience, distribution and surrender. Observation of how the inner and outer environment colonizes the body, sets boundaries, influences, manipulates. "Planet Alexithymia" draws the line of similarities and differences between the walls of detention facilities and biological membranes.

Body that is pressed into the environment or consciousness pressed into the body - whether it is a black box, a prison or arable land - has to deal with routine and pragmatic repetitions - a regenerating sequence and the phenomenon of how body and psychological functions adopt to it (or not) will be the subject of the work.

Karl Saks is a freelance choreographer, dancer and sound designer. He graduated Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy, Performing Arts Department in 2009 and Estonia Art Academy, New Media Department (MA) in 2017.
He has created three solo performances and has taken part in collaborations as sound designer in the context of theatre, movie and gallery art, as dramaturg, as performer, as directors’ assistant and as co-director. He is part of a musical collective Cubus Larvik.